Sunday, February 3, 2013

Off-Season Training for Lacrosse Beginners

If you want your son to excel at lacrosse, you need to help him in the off-season. He needs to prep early so he is ahead of the other kids (especially, if you want him to make the travel team or at a minimum to avoid other kids from surpassing him).

Here is what my two boys did in the off-season in order to get ready for this year's lacrosse season.

They went to a lacrosse summer camp as well as a few fall/winter lacrosse clinics (which are held once per week and last for a couple of months).

My boys also participated in a couple of off-season sports (i.e. basketball and track). This has boosted their endurance significantly. Endurance/stamina is a vital "skill" needed for lacrosse.

Moreover, we practice once or twice on the weekends with 30 minutes of wall ball. Wall ball is a critical off-season training tool for beginners. For wall ball ideas, you should visit our Wall Ball page.

I also conduct my own lacrosse drills for the kids on the weekends... but I am nuts. :) For drill ideas, please visit our Lacrosse Drills page.

That in mind, I have created an Off-Season Lacrosse Training page that gives families a number of simple ideas in order to prep their son(s) in the off-season.

Hope this helps.


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